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Hand Dryers

Hand dryers are designed to dry your hands using heated forced air. Hand dryers have replaced the traditional paper towel dispenser in many restrooms primarily because they are more economical over the long term and because hand dryers require little maintenance and they produce no waste. Many consider hand dryers more hygienic as well, but, there are scientific studies that contradict this claim.

Here are the top manufacturers in hand dryers:

Though hand dryers are much more expensive than most paper towel dispensers, many facilities managers opt for hand dryers for several reasons, e.g.; hand dryers cost little to operate because they do not use paper towels, which must be refilled, and the paper waste to be continually disposed of. Ecology minded facilities managers and patrons see hand dryers as eco-friendly because trees are saved and landfill waste is reduced. Hand dryers require only a small amount of electrical energy to operate and are relatively maintenance free the long term savings over paper towel dispensers can be substantial.

If you are considering a hand dryer for your restrooms you have several options to choose from. Models are available with push button start or hands-free infrared sensors that require only the wave of your hand to start. Hand dryers with multi-directional nozzles or with down vents are also available.

Jet hand dryers are available that can dry your hands in 10 seconds these are more expensive but are most popular with restroom patrons. These jet hand dryers were developed because the single most common complaint against early hand dryer models was that the drying time was too long. Polls indicate that restrooms patrons prefer jet hand dryers over paper towel dispensers.

Hand dryers have gained popularity with patrons and facilities managers primarily because they help maintain a tidier restroom, are considered by many to be better for the environment and over the long term are more economical.




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