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Waste Receptacle

Waste Receptacles







Waste receptacles provide customers a clean bathroom having adequate disposal.   There are many styles to choose from for commercial restroom accessories. 

  • Free Standing
  • Surface Mounted
  • Recessed
  • Simi-Recessed
  • Partition Mounted
  • Under Counter
  • Combination Unit

Waste Receptacles in restrooms are used for:

  • Normal waste like paper towels and facial tissues
  • Tampons and Sanitary Napkins
    • With and without locks

In commercial applications waste receptacles are designed to work well for years in a variety of ways.  Waste receptacle that are to contain potentially hazardous material such as tampons or sanitary napkins can be equipped with locks and vinyl liners.  For partitions, waste receptacles are built to be mounted in the partition.  Many times these unit will be combination units having toilet tissue dispensers and waste receptacles in one unit.  A simple waste collar can be use in the counter to allow access to a concealed trash can below the counter.  A stand-alone and commercial waste receptacle can match other accessories in the restroom.

The most common materials used in waste receptacles are:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Painted Steel
  • Plastic

Stainless Steel Waste Receptacles

Commercial restrooms often have stainless steel waste receptions because of there durability and cleanliness.  Stainless steel is easy to clean and keep look good over time.  Painted steel, usually white enamel, are often used in public restrooms.  Plastic is relatively new in commercial restrooms but the offer a unique style and economical durability.

Recessed | Wall Mounted | Semi-Recessed Models

Recessed, semi-recessed, and surface mounted stainless steel waste receptacles are available in various sizes that have different gallon capacities. For those that want a different surface than the common stainless steel, there are models available with a color laminate in many different shades that will certainly match your restroom's color scheme.

Push Door Waste Receptacles

Commercial garbage cans
can be bought with or without lids. Doors and lids can help create a more sterile appearance by hiding it from plain view. The stainless steel surface of the trash can and lid is easily maintained by periodically wiping it down with bathroom cleaners. The sleek satin finish stainless steel waste receptacles match other commercial bathroom appliances to tie everything in together.

Large and Small Waste Dispensers

Surface mounted stainless steel garbage cans are available in different gallon capacities to be able to fit in the amount of space you have available. The stainless steel material trash cans are perfect for commercial bathrooms since they are strong enough to handle high traffic areas that may be prone to vandalism. They can be easily found for customers, which results in more people throwing away their trash in the designated area rather than being left on the floor or sink.

Disposal Units

Waste receptacles that aren't mounted to the wall, but are instead placed anywhere that is a convenient location within your bathroom come in different sizes to accommodate both the accessible space and to be able to hold the typical amount of waste the bathroom generates. Swing tops are offered with certain models to keep away unappealing scents and trash visibility from the public.

Clean | Sanitary | Low Maintenance Receptacles

No matter what type of commercial bathroom waste receptacle you need, you're guaranteed to find the perfect fit with the selection that's offered. Even bathrooms that don't have a lot of open space will have plenty of options with the many different sizes and surface designs to choose from. Paper towel and tissue waste receptacles come in large and small sizes so you can choose how much you want to hold in between routine maintenance visits. Convenient lids on trash cans help prevent overflow and can help keep the look of the bathroom appear clean and hygienic.

Commercial bathroom waste receptacles, ADA compliant dispenser units and installation specifications are available at XPB Lockers.

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