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Restroom Mirrors

Restroom Mirrors

Restroom Mirrors should meet some basic quality and safety requirements. Secure mounting is important. Be sure that you select a restroom mirror that can be mounted securely to your restroom wall. It is a good idea to select a restroom mirror that is framed in stainless steel or other metal that will adequately support the mirror and will not allow the mirror to be easily removed or broken.

Select a restroom mirror that is aesthetically appealing and that is large enough for the application. Several standard restroom sizes are available but many models can be fabricated to custom sizes upon request. Glass mirrors are preferred by most restroom patrons but some applications may require polished steel for safety and durability.

We suggest that you:

  • Take accurate wall measurements above your restroom lavatory
  • View the images of our restroom mirrors
  • Check the available sizes
  • Read the mounting specifications
  • Review the restroom mirror’s warranties.

Clearing this checklist before you place your restroom mirror order will prevent regrets, such as return shipping and reordering. We have selected mirrors from well known manufacturers of high quality restroom mirrors and have included images and specifications for each to give you all the information you should need.

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