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We have the Scott Paper Company to thank for the development of the paper towel and the paper towel dispenser. In the early 1900’s, purportedly after hearing a complaint by a Philadelphia school teacher concerning the unsanitary practice of having students dry their hands with a communal cloth towel, Arthur Scott, the founder’s son, came up with the idea of using too-thick toilet paper as a disposable one-use hand towel. Voila!The paper towel is invented, and of course, a paper towel dispenser was soon needed once the idea became a big hit.

Paper towel dispensers were eventually placed in almost every restroom in the U.S. Many states even outlawed, as a health measure, the cloth-roll contraption previously found in most public restrooms. Paper towels dispensers soon became a front line weapon against the spread of some communicable diseases and a bust for the laundry business.

If you are selecting a paper towel dispenser for your public restrooms, your choices are wide and varied. We suggest that you give a little thought to it in order to select the best paper towel dispenser. Start by viewing images of the available models – this will give you a better idea of what is available in paper towel dispensers.

Warranty is a key consideration, since the quality of construction materials and the reliability of the dispensing mechanism is usually closely related to the warranty.

Paper towel dispensers are made available for free by some restroom products suppliers as an inducement to get you to enter a supplier agreement – Caution! Ultimately you may pay a big price for the “free” paper towel dispenser through the supplier’s inflated paper towel prices.

Generally, the low cost of most paper towel dispensers make purchasing you own paper towel dispensers the better option. Survey your restrooms needs carefully, view the paper towel dispenser images and compare their specifications, found on this website, before placing your order.

You will have no regrets if you select paper towel dispenser models best suited for your particular restroom facility and one of the models offered by any one of the several well- known manufacturers of high quality commercial paper towel dispensers.

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