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Baby changing stations began appearing on the commercial restroom accessory market nearly 24 years ago when Koala Kare Products popularized them. Now baby changing stations appear in both men's and women's restrooms worldwide. Consumer demand for safe and secure platforms to change baby diapers has made baby changing stations an expected convenience in almost every commercial facility from restaurants to churches. There is a baby changing station designed to fit almost every application - baby changing stations come in countertop, vertical and horizontal mount and in plastic, wood or stainless steel and may be accompanied by a diaper dispenser, a sanitary liner dispenser and a second child safety seat to hold the baby's brother or sister while you are preoccupied at the baby changing station. Today's baby changing stations are manufactured and mounted in accordance with strict construction and mounting guidelines. Koala Kare baby changing stations for example are manufactured to support up to 400 lbs. - that's a Big baby!

When selecting and installing your facilities baby changing stations we suggest you follow all ADA (American's With Disabilities Act) installation guidelines and follow these additional guidelines 1) place the baby changing station near a hand washing station and/or make sanitary hand gel available 2) provide baby wipes, sanitary liners or paper towels to cover the baby changing station platform and a diaper dispenser 3) provide a covered trash receptacle for soiled diapers, preferably foot operated 4) select a baby changing stations made by well known manufacturers whose products are subject to USA mandated baby changing station safety- in- construction standards. 5) Select a baby changing station with a good warranty 6) install your baby changing station in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and in accordance with the ADA guidelines. 7) Clean your baby changing stations frequently with a disinfectant solution such as cup bleach mixed with 1 gallon of water. 8) Store all cleaners and disinfectants away from the baby changing station out of the reach of children. A baby changing station is a very important restroom accessory and should be included in all plans for new construction or facility remodeling.

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