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Restroom Air Fresheners



Airoma 3000


Automatic Restroom Air Fresheners keep your facility clean and fresh. When purchasing an automatic air freshener look for one that is customizable. A customizable air freshener allows you to set the time to spray throughout the day so you use less air freshener which in turn saves on maintenance and refills. Make sure to find a model that is easy to install and easy to maintain. Vectair recommends installing the Airoma and Mico-Airoma air fresheners at least 6 feet off the ground and no closer than 12 inches from the ceiling. Make sure you do not mount air fresheners over a urinal, toilet or wash basin as you don't want to mount the air freshener dispenser directly above where people are standing. Make sure to take into consideration mounting it high enough off the ground to prevent vandalism and never mount an air freshener dispenser at eye level.

An important consideration when purchasing air freshener dispensers is the fragrance of the aerosol. Consider the range of fragrances the manufacturer carries and what fragrances work for the facility you are keeping fresh. A nice citrus fragrance works in many environments as do fresh fruits, linens and florals. Consider your environment when making the final decision on air freshener scents.

Consider how long the fragrance lasts both by squirts per can and by how long the fragrance lingers after the initial spray. Vectair offers a new range of fragrances called Xtreme 3000; these have 3000 squirts per can and are made stronger with more essential oils.

To keep your facility fresh and clean and remove nasty restroom odors an automatic air freshener is a great choice. It keeps your restroom smelling nice and inviting all day.

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