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Seat Cover Dispensers

Seat Cover Dispensers



Toilet seat cover dispensers were specially developed for commercial restroom patrons who are concerned with hygiene in public restrooms. Women in particular appreciate seat cover dispensers because they are more frequently seated on a toilet than men. Studies have shown that many women, especially pregnant women, opt to hang over the toilet seat rather than sit when seat covers are not made available. To better serve your restroom patrons we recommend you install a seat cover dispenser in each of your toilet compartments, in fact, some States and local laws require they be made available in public restrooms. Selecting a good seat cover dispenser is not that hard since they all basically are just holders of donut shaped paper sheets cut to cover a toilet lid however, you might save some cost and installation hassle by considering a combination unit that includes a seat cover dispenser with a toilet tissue dispenser. Since both are required in a toilet stall it makes sense to buy a combination unit in some cases. We suggest you first survey your restroom and determine what unit you need then visit our website to look at both the individual seat cover dispensers and the toilet tissue dispenser combo units before making your final selection. We also recommend stainless steel units for durability, easy cleaning and the best hygiene. Seat cover dispensers are always appreciated by restroom patrons and viewed as an indication that your facility is aware of the health fears and concerns of its employees and customers.

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