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If you are purchasing a commercial quality medicine cabinet for your facility, you probably already have a good idea what your current functional needs are. Medicine cabinet selection however requires careful consideration because medicine cabinets are usually selected to perform a long term function – in other words it needs to be adequate for both your current and future needs.

  • There are lots of choices – we suggest that you start your selection process by simply viewing images of available medicine cabinets found at this website.

Your specific needs and who will be using the medicine cabinet will determine in large part which medicine cabinet is best suited for your facility. For example, you might require a keyed lock medicine cabinet if access must be restricted or you might need a medicine cabinet with removable and adjustable shelves if storing large medicine bottles is involved.

Trying to think of all possible uses for your medicine cabinet is a good starting point. Here is a partial list of options that may be important for your facility when selecting the best medicine cabinet:

  • Is a mirror needed?
  • Should the cabinet door be frosted glass, clear glass or steel?
  • Should my medicine cabinet have fixed shelves or adjustable and removable shelves?
  • How many shelves/cabinets do I need?
  • Do I need to lock my medicine cabinet?
  • Does my medicine cabinet need to be lighted?
  • Should the door swing left or swing right?
  • Will it be mounted on the wall of recessed into the wall?

You will see from viewing our medicine cabinet images and reading the medicine cabinet’s specifications that the options and combination of options offered by manufacturers is very wide. Selecting the best medicine cabinet for you facility will require you to consider factors you may not have thought important.

We recommend that you view the individual images at this web site from our large selection of commercial quality medicine cabinets to start the process of making your selection. Viewing the images will spark your imagination and help you in the selection process. Remember - the medicine cabinet you select will need to serve your facility’s long term medicine cabinet needs.

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