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Shower Seats

Shower Seats

Shower seat selection for your facility is easy if you keep a couple of factors in mind. Shower seats and shower stalls can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi which can spread infections and create unpleasant odors. We recommend that you select a shower seat that is bacteria and fungi resistant and one that can be folded against the wall of the shower stall to make cleaning of the seat and shower floor easy.

Stainless steel or laminated polyethylene shower seats that are impregnated with a long lasting antimicrobial agent such as Microban are your best choices for maintaining a healthy shower stall. Additionally, select a shower seat that has stainless steel frames and mounting brackets so that you will have a shower seat that can support the necessary weight and abuse requirements of your patrons. Mounting the shower seat according to manufacturer’s specifications using the correct corrosion resistant screws and mounting brackets is very important.

All of the shower seats we recommend have high gauge stainless steel frames and mounting brackets that are designed to resist corrosion and are adequate support for anyone when attached properly to the shower wall. Be sure to select a shower seat that can be folded against the shower wall when not in use so that cleaning of the shower stall floor is easy and so that the underside parts of the shower seat can be disinfected as easily as the top side.

Microban’s bacteria and fungi resistant quality is not diminished by washing so these seats are comparable to stainless steel seats for bacteria and fungi resistance. Teak wood seats are very popular and aesthetically appealing but will require more frequent cleaning with antibacterial cleaners. When selecting a shower seat think safety and cleanliness – keep these in mind and shower seat selection is simple.

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