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Soap Dispensers

Soap Dispensers
Automatic or Touch Free Soap Dispensers
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SF305/F7000 SF305/F7125



Sani Suds Collage Sani Suds Collage

Sani Suds Collage

Floor Display Stand Dispenser SF300-16

Table Top Stand for Dispensers SF301-16




Soap dispensers found in public restrooms fall generally into two categories. One is the manual soap dispenser the other is the automatic soap dispenser. Both types come in models that can be mounted either on the wall or a counter surface and come in various reservoir styles - bulk, cartridge, globe, tank or urn. Regardless of the model, they all are all designed to dispense antibacterial soap for prevention of sicknesses and diseases such as the cold and the flu, which are easily spread by unwashed hands.

The automatic "touch-free" dispenser was designed to allow restroom patrons and employees to operate the dispenser with only the wave of a hand - due to a mechanism called an infrared sensor.

For the health of us all, automatic dispensers are gradually replacing the push button models. If you are a facility manager or business owner you know that employee absenteeism attributable to sickness spread by hand transmitted infectious disease is costly.

Since touch-free soap dispensers are now very affordable and are easy to install, many employers are replacing the manual soap dispensers with touch free models.

Regardless of which soap dispenser you prefer, you can find a suitable one that works effectively and lasts a long time. We have put together a large selection of high quality soap dispensers designed for high traffic commercial facilities.

You will find on this website soap dispensers in every price range, mounting type and container style. We have also included images and specifications for each soap dispenser to make your selection easy. Our selection includes almost every available style of manual and touch free soap dispenser that has gained a proven reputation for quality and performance.

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