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Security Accessories

Security Accessories

Security accessories for restrooms are specially designed accessories for use in special environments where security, safety from vandalism and safety is a particular importance. Examples of facilities where security accessories are required include prisons, mental institutions, military bases, nursing homes, hospitals, locker rooms, bars and lounges, and high school and university restrooms, etal. Security accessories for restrooms include a variety of specially designed grab bars, toilet tissue holders, soap dishes, shower seats, clothe and towel hooks, framed mirrors, tooth brush holders shelves and other fixtures that are subject to abuse or vandalism. Security accessories for restrooms are generally designed to protect and preserve meaning they are hard to destroy and/or remove and unlikely to be successfully tampered with. All of our recommended security accessories are ADA compliant when installed properly. Every security accessory is made of heavy gauge stainless steel which is the best material available for long lasting durability, strength, low maintenance and hygiene. Each security accessory offered includes its image, construction specifications and installation instructions. We suggest that you call us if there is any security accessory that your facility needs that is not found on this webpage. Our customer service department will contact our manufacturers for availability of any special restroom security accessory not found on our website. Select your security accessories from this website and be assured that you are selecting the best quality available in the U.S. for any facility, regardless of the demands of the environment.

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