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Grab bars are a safety requirement for public restroom facilities in many jurisdictions. Even where not mandated by law or required by your facilities' insurer, grab bars should be installed in your restroom facility to help protect you from negligent injury lawsuits. Grab bars are a valued tool for many handicapped and elderly patrons - particularly in toilet stalls and showers. If you are planning new construction or a restroom renovation please consider installing commercial quality grab bars wherever you feel they might be needed. Most grab bars are easily installed and are designed, when installed correctly, to support weights in excess of normal requirements and are manufactured from materials, such as stainless steel, that are not only easily cleaned and disinfected but will endure a lifetime of heavy traffic. Always select a commercial quality grab bar and install it in compliance with ADA (American's With Disabilities Act) installation requirements. Grab bars come in a variety of lengths and diameters and most come with all the installation hardware and the instructions you need to properly install the grab bar.

Grab bars come as either swing away or stationary security bars so the application matters. Select the type and size required for the application and location of your grab bar. ADA compliance with hand and grab bar placement for handicap accessibility is very important - be sure to select grab bars that are specified by the manufacturer as ADA compliant and install them according to the manufacturer's installation instructions and ADA guidelines so that you are assured that your facilities grab bars work as intended. Grab bars found on our website are chosen for their quality and reputation for proven reliability and durability in high traffic environments. When maintaining your restrooms be sure to include grab bars in your cleaning regimen because grab bars, like doorknobs, need to be disinfected frequently to prevent the spread of cold and influenza germs. We recommend stainless steel grab bars for strength and easy disinfection.





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