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Sanitary Napkin Disposal

Napkin Disposal







Sanitary napkin disposal units are a great feature for women’s restrooms. Female employees and patrons will appreciate the convenience of this very personal restroom accessory.

If you are considering adding a sanitary napkin disposal unit, we recommend you select a combo unit for added convenience and cost savings. Sanitary napkin disposal units are available in combination units that include a lined waste receptacle plus a coined operated napkin and tampon dispenser – the best dispensers will hold 25-30 feminine napkins plus an equal number of tampons and their coin mechanisms can be set to free, .10 .25, or .50 .

Combination units are also available that include a sanitary napkin disposal waste receptacle , the toilet tissue rollers and a seat cover dispenser that mounts to the toilet compartment partition and serves 2 adjoining toilet compartments.

We recommend, for convenience, durability and hygiene reasons, selecting stainless steel sanitary napkin disposal units that have a locking mechanism and a waste receptacle that accepts wax paper liners – these units are easy to clean, virtually maintenance free and prevent tampering. Sanitary napkin disposal units come in multiple models with varying features, so we suggest that you first survey your restroom configuration and needs then view the images before selecting the model that you want.

Our website includes the sanitary napkin disposal unit images and specifications plus the mounting requirements for each high quality commercial grade sanitary napkin disposal unit available - do not forget to consider the warranty too.

A sanitary napkin disposal and napkin/tampon dispenser unit is a special personal hygiene accessory that your female employees and patrons will always greatly appreciate.

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