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Tampon Vending Machines

Tampon Vending Machine 



Tampon vending machines are a restroom accessory that should be strongly considered for your women’s restrooms. Female patrons will really appreciate your facilities’ attention to their special needs. Next to a clean restroom, special accessories such as the feminine napkin/tampon vending machine, is high on the list of preferences for women’s satisfaction when it comes to public restroom.

Like most restroom accessories, in the long run it is wise to spend a little extra up front for a quality tampon vending machine to eliminate the problems of malfunction and replacement that come with low quality models – save a little now - pay more later or pay for quality up front and be done with it. We recommend all of the following features if you want a tampon vending machine that will be maintenance free and will last a lifetime:

  1. a quality tampon vending machine will dispense either feminine napkins or tampons and should hold 20 or more of either

  2. the unit should be made of stainless steel with welded seams

  3. tampon vending machines should be able dispense all popular brands of tampons or feminine napkins (do not purchase one designed for specific brands only

  4. we recommend you consider one with a removable waste receptacle included in the unit and one that has a flap door covering the waste receptacle 5.) the unit access door and the coin box should have separate locks with separate keys to protect the security of your coin box.

Additional features for your tampon vending machine that you should consider are:

  • The hinges (we recommend piano hinges),
  • The coin box (you will need to decide what the cost will be for the tampons before ordering your unit so that the mechanism will accept the correct coins only and the coin box should not accept coins if the tampon vending machine is empty), the mounting( recessed, semi-recessed or wall mount).

We strongly recommend you view the tampon vending machine images at the website suggested before making your selection. Please be sure to consider the manufacturer’s installation guidelines provide under “more info” to be sure that you are able to comply with the barrier free requirements under the ADA (American with Disabilities Act).

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